Passage Goes International

When I was in high school one of my teachers introduced me to the life and writing of the missionary martyr, Jim Elliot. For a season that set off a catalytic movement of my heart to spend my life overseas for the sake of the gospel. As I graduated from high school and enrolled in college preparing for a life as an overseas missionary, the Lord sovereignly redirected my path and gave me a clear and abiding call to preach and teach the gospel in the local church here in the United States. As I wrestled with that decision between international and local I knew that the call of God was unmistakable and that he would know better how to use me for the advance of the gospel internationally than even I would. Since going into pastoral ministry I've set foot on more countries in the world than I would have ever had the opportunity had I gone overseas and worked as a foreign missionary. I've been stunned by the grace of God in that way.

And then yesterday happened. Many of you know of and have read or engaged Passage, the systematic theology course that I wrote for teens. Several churches and home school groups all over the United States have been using it in some capacity or another over the last several years. Yesterday, I joined a partnership with FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company) to have Passage translated into Vietnamese and then distributed all over Vietnam. FEBC has estimated that over 600,000 Vietnamese have heard the gospel through their ministry there and they are deeply in need of more content and material to help the persecuted, but growing church. I am blown away by the grace of God in my life to use Passage to help equip the church here and abroad.

More than anything my prayer is that Passage will be fruitful in strengthening the church and calling people to Jesus in Vietnam. The goal isn't that my name end up being praised and adulated. The goal is that Christ is prized and worshipped and treasured. Please pray with me for FEBC and join in supporting their gospel ministry to Asia. Let me encourage you to check out the FEBC website, pray for them and the translators who will be preparing the material and recording it for radio distribution in Vietnam.

More and more it is apparent that truth of Malachi 1:11 is being fulfilled. "From the rising of the sun to its setting [the Lord's] name will be great among the nations." Let's continue to pray and labor for the sake of the glory of God and the advance of the gospel all over the world.