Six Candles

It's hard for me to believe that six years have come and gone. The fact of the matter is I can't remember what life was like pre-parenthood. I'd like to image that I was a lot busier than I am now. But honestly I wouldn't trade the ballet classes, morning drives to school, silly songs, princess tea parties, Nancy's Fancy games and dress-up time with Allison. 

Last night she sang and recited to Steph and I the books of the Old Testament and it moved my heart deeply. I am not sure she's had a "conversion moment" but if I ever believed in a person coming into the covenant family I believe it is true of Allison. She sings to Jesus, prays to Him, enjoys Him and is demonstrating the fruit of being indwelt by His Spirit in her life.  

I am reminded of why her middle name is "Grace." It's not because I've done anything to earn or deserve the grace that she is. Nor have I been a faithful and wise enough father to craft her into the little girl that she is. I've passed on more infirmities, offenses and bad habits to her than I have good. No, God's grace is evident in her life, and that is a grace to me as well. I am thankful today that six years ago Allison came into the world. She has brought much joy to me, and it is a joy that makes me enjoy Christ all the more. It makes me smile to be able to say "Happy Birthday" to my lovely Allison.