Help Me Blog

Writing is a bit entrepreneurial, a bit biographical and a large amount of hitting the nerve when it's time. In the brief moments I have had to think about this site lately I've been thinking about what I can write that will help you. I don't want to merely write about hobby-horses of mine or worse become some sort of watch-blogger that uses his gift of "discernment" to point out the wrong things with everyone else. Additionally, I don't want to just spill pixels (the whole "spilling ink" metaphor doesn't work anymore) just to have things to say. Nor do I want to be the professional "know-it-all-answer-man" that has an opinion to inform you of on everything in the world. So where does that leave us in terms of this site and its function?

I want to write to equip and help you. If I've ever had a vision for my work in writing it has always been a desire to be an extension of my pastoral ministry. So I want to ask you to help me serve you well through the medium of blogging. 

What do you need help with that I can write about? What topics, subjects, or material would you find beneficial coming off my keyboard?

Help me out by leaving some comments and I'll work on writing about those things. I'll generate some posts of 500-800 words that fit the topics you mention. It'll probably jog my mind for some other topics as well. Furthermore you can dialog with me about those issues and we can grow together. So what I can write about to help you?