A Bible Reading Plan for the Rest of 2013

So here we are at October 7. One week into the tenth month of the year and you might be wondering why I would be suggesting a reading Bible Reading Plan this late in the game. Well, for one I figure getting a jump on 2014's reading plans is a good idea . I also believe that if we get after it today we will be building better patterns for later.

Here's the fun (at least to me) of this plan. If I engage it today (and you choose to engage with me) then we will complete the entire New Testament in the next eighty five days. For me that's very do-able, and also gives me the next few months to meditate on specifically the Gospels in October and November, and then pushes into the Epistles of the New Testament. Plus, it gives me some confidence moving into 2014 to read the Old Testament through so that I can complete it and have read the Bible in a year from October to October.

So let me to encourage you to download the reading plan, get a Bible (maybe even pick up a copy of the new Gospel Transformation Bible) and let's read the New Testament before the New Year!