Of First Priority

As you might know yesterday I started my year-end push to read through the New Testament. This morning I came across that singular verse that continues to rock my world. Matthew 6:33:

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

I find much gospel-encouragement and freedom in this passage that sparks my heart. First, seek first the kingdom of God. What better kingdom is there to seek then this one? What greater pleasure and life can be found but in this kingdom alone? What joy and glory and justice and triumph and exaltation would be found in other kingdoms? In seeking the kingdom of God I am seeking the highest and greatest and most beneficial and glorious kingdom. Instead of trying to be king of a weak and anemic kingdom of my own making I am the subject of the greatest and beneficent kingdom in the universe. There can be no better kingdom. The call to seek this kingdom is a call to see the highest, greatest and best good.

But also, and his righteousness. This is the word of the gospel to me once again. If I pursue my own righteousness I am doomed to fail. I, inherently, possess no righteousness of my own. I am a broken cistern incapable of holding right-ness, and in that brokenness I am damned. But in seeking his righteousness I am seeking an alien and foreign righteousness. I am seeking that which can only be gifted by grace and received by faith. I am pursuing that which I can contribute nothing to, or it immediately become my righteousness and thereby voids the right-ness of it at all. So I am called to pursue Christ and his righteousness. I am called to pursue him and him above all things.

The most beneficial kingdom, the most beneficial King. These are pursuits we are daily called to.

And the promise that enfolds these great pursuits? "All these things will be added to you." What are "all these things"? Why they are a kingdom of my own. God's kingdom with God's people, in which I am adopted as a son and given full inheritance. Wow. And that's not all. Full righteousness, full perfection, ultimate glorification! I am gifted Christ's righteousness and exalted in Christ.

All I could ever want or hope is promised in this singular verse. Seek first his kingdom and his righteous. Oh that I would have the grace and courage to seek him first today!