Reading Four Books (Again)


When was the last time you spent time working through Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (the four Gospels in the New Testament)? I would encourage you at some point in the very near future to read these first four books. Read them through as if they were a story you were working through from cover to cover. Give yourself twenty to thirty minutes a day and read through these four books. You will be amazed at what you find. 

I am convinced we should spend more time in these four books of Scripture. The pulpits of our churches should be preaching from them often. Why? Because we find the Founder and Perfecter of our faith on display in these pages. As we learn and grow and seek to make progress in our growth in Christ we hear him speak. We read and hear Jesus say "come follow me". We have clearly have his work on display for us as both a substituionary work (which only he could do) and a exemplary work (which he calls us to follow him in).

He leads us by revealing and fulfilling what we could not have done. He leads us by calling us to, out of our union with him, follow him in how we live. He leads us by dying in our place for us and forgiving us and then calling us to respond by faith in laying down our lives, taking up our cross daily and following him.

He leads us by teaching us the ways of the kingdom. He shows us that the Kingdom of God is made up of spiritually poor, hungry for righteousness, repenters calling for the mercy for God. He teaches us that is loves us and has given himself for us and brought us into renewed relationship with the Father and sends us to go to the world in the power of the Spirit. He teaches us through practical issues like where our treasure is placed, how to overcome anxiety, and how to treat a neighbor we don't even live next to. He teaches his life.

Reading the Gospels is the recalibrating work of tuning our soul. We need to reflect on the words and work of Jesus often. We need to have Jesus's life, death, and glorious resurrection in front of us often. I know I've benefited much from reading the Gospels this last month. I am planning on doing it more often. The reason is I need to be retuned to sing his praise every day. I need Jesus.