Weekend Reflection


This last weekend was a rather unusual one for me. I'll admit it was really a fun one too. Saturday I had the joy of teaching through some of the material from my forthcoming book at Porterbrook Kansas. That was really helpful to me in better shaping and clarifying the content and I am grateful for the dialog that occurred with students about the content and their interaction with me on it. The seminar audio will be over on the Porterbrook Kansas site in the next couple of weeks. 

As soon as the Porterbrook seminar was over Allison and I loaded up the mini-van and made haste to Bolivar, MO where we met up with Steph and Ethan. Sunday morning I got to preach at Freshwater Church, where my brother-in-law Andy is one of the elders. They asked me to preach from Acts 4 which generated some helpful questions that I've started asking when I get timid about sharing the gospel. I've embedded the audio from the sermon here or hop over to Gospel Centered Discipleship where they've posted the article that I wrote (which helped me structure the sermon). 



After the worship services our family got some good hang-out time together with Andy and Kelly's family as we went down to Silver Dollar City and saw the Christmas light show, It's a Wonderful Life musical, Frosty the Snowman and played on the carousels, ate mini-doughnuts, drank wassail and had a great time. 

And then the Denver Broncos special teams dropped the ball. Literally. Of course, if they had won the game then I would have assumed I had died because it was a perfect weekend otherwise. I'm thankful the Lord's given me a great family, surrounded me with great people and set me out on a great calling. Can't wait for more weekends like this one!