Young Leaders


One problem, among young leaders in particular, is a failure of confidence in Jesus to rule. Young leaders can overstretch themselves and take on the mindset that they themselves are to be a ‘saviour’ of God’s people. They believe that it is up to them to make people godly and they are inevitably overwhelmed by the task. Leaders need a quiet confidence in Jesus to rule through his Word, by his Spirit. They need to teach and model the Word of God. They need to lovingly get alongside people and encourage them and, where necessary, rebuke them. All this is done in the confidence that it is Jesus who rules his church. We can consider aspects of leadership from any source, and evaluate them and even seek to emulate them. However, we are to look to Jesus, who calls us to follow him. We are to submit to his leadership, even in the way that we exercise leadership (Mark 10:42–45). He is the Servant King, and we are called to live as servant leaders, not lording it over the flock, but always behaving as under-shepherds (1 Peter 5:1–4).