Poetry? Haiku? Have You Lost Your Mind?

First off, I know I'm not a poet. It's not in my wheelhouse. I don't understand the forms and functions of poetry well, and I'm not clever enough with the English language to be insightful and lay down some great limerick. I will never be a songwriter or a Maya Angelou.

But I have to stretch myself. One of Douglas Wilson's strong recommendations for writers in his book Wordsmithy was this:

Stretch before your routines. If you want to write Italian sonnets, try to write some short stories. If you want to write a few essays, write a novel, or maybe a novella if you are pressed for time. If you want to write haiku, then limber up with opinion pieces for The Washington Post.

I want to be a better writer and I want to "stretch" myself in writing in formats that I am not accustomed to. That doesn't mean you will see a romance novel off of my pen anytime soon (or ever). But it does mean writing a form of poetry helps me swim in the language and understand some cadence and verbal rhythms better. Hopefully it will sharpen my skill in writing other formats too.

So that explains the poetry/haiku work. Look for a new one every day during Advent.

That also brings me to Advent. Twenty-five days this year to reflect and think about the coming of Jesus. I need little nuggets during the day to remind me of the story. I need to stop and reflect for a moment on all that has been done for us and our salvation in the incarnation of Christ. So a little haiku helps me stop and think. Hopefully it will allow you to ponder Christ as well. Think of these as verbal mini-sized chocolate bars.

I hope you enjoy them. I hope you are stretched to work outside of your comfortable formats. I hope most of all that your worship of Christ grows as my little haiku's give a very small taste of the glory of Christ.