Top Ten Albums of 2013


Following up with yesterday's book post I figured it would be fun to share my favorite albums from 2013. I know I'm not a music critic or am even remotely qualified to be one. I don't have the hipster cred to know all the obscure bands that Pitchfork knows. But I do like a good sound, a well constructed lyric and songs that engage my life most every day.

Music becomes part of my traveling sound track of life. It becomes part of my travel log. So I can tell you that on long flights over the Pacific, The National was humming in my ear. Or one day when I was internally wrestling with myself Josh White helped point me to the gospel in a soft, guitar and voice sort of way. M83 painted the backdrop for my favorite film of the year (maybe I'll do a post on those next week), and Beautiful Eulogy does it in a way no one else does. So here's my top ten albums from 2013. Now I have to finish drinking the glory I brewed with my new Chemex.

10. I Am Mountain, Gungor
9. Absolution, Josh White
8. Meet Me At The Edge of The World, Over The Rhine
7. The Bones of What You Believe, Chvrches
6. Oblivion (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), M83
5. Pilgrim, Pilgrim
4. Trouble Will Find Me, The National
3. Instruments of Mercy, Beautiful Eulogy
2. Repave, Volcano Choir
1. Reflektor, Arcade Fire

What were your favorite albums of 2013?