Fall, Family, and Football


I love the autumn months. Really October and November are the two that I enjoy most. September still feels like Summer, and December brings Father Christmas along and all that spells is winter. But October and November are the perfect months to me. The temperature begins to drop to the "NorCal Standard Temp" of warm in the day and cool in the night. We also get a beautiful array of color on the trees. You can't beat it. 

But Fall also brings a few other joys to me. One is my family. Fall is the season of the year that it seems our family is together a little bit more often. Maybe it's that we've finally gotten used to the rhythm of the school year and know a bit better our schedules. A few birthday parties and the Thanksgiving holiday in the mix doesn't hurt either. We're together, and I am grateful for that.

Fall also brings football. Now I'm a baseball first sort of fan, and I do enjoy the month of October for the MLB. But football has a new pace and pattern to it that just fits the fall. Be it a Saturday afternoon college football game or a Sunday evening prime-time show down watching football for me is a pattern of rest. Of course I'm doing a little bit more than resting when the Broncos are playing, but football is a way that I enjoy the pattern of work and rest that the Lord has given us.

After churning out a pretty hectic pace over August and September, this first week of October is bringing some delightful rest that includes Fall work, family time, and maybe a little football. I am grateful for a season like Fall.