New GCD Article and an everPresent Update

Today my latest article, "When People Can't Listen" was posted over at GCD. Here's an excerpt:

Frustration was brewing toward the Coleman family. Again and again and again Pastor Seth and the elders of the church had met with the family to encourage, counsel, and challenge them. Being the good “gospel-centered” church that they were, they demonstrated the glory of God and his goodness to them. They opened the Word of truth to them and called them to faith and obedience. They did everything “right” and by the book. Law, gospel, grace, and glory were all there in parts of their counseling. But the response of the Coleman’s hearts hadn’t changed. There might have been some momentary transitions in behavior, but they were really just momentary.

Visit Gospel-Centered Discipleship for the whole article. Be sure to check back in two weeks as well for the new site design there. I've heard it is going to be really helpful.

Also a few of you have asked lately what the status is of everPresent (my upcoming book). I'm very excited that it's in the finishing editorial phases and has a street date of March 17, 2014. There are a few places in the book that need a bit more paint and some touching up to do but the release is in sight and I am really eager to see it out and engaging lives. I asked my Gospel Community the other night to be in prayer for the launch that the Lord the would cause the book to bear fruit and help people live on mission well where ever they are at.

Will you please join me in that prayer?