Give Thanks! — My Wife

2014-11-01 10.37.39.jpg

Today I want to rejoice in the great gift that the Lord has given me in my wife. Just over ten years ago my grandmother played match-maker and introduced me to Stephanie. Granny told me there was a woman in her Sunday school class that she wanted me to meet and was convinced that she would be my wife. Not knowing what that meant I dodged my grandmothers request for a whole week and did everything I could to avoid meeting Steph. I was an utter idiot.

We’ve been married almost ten years now and the Lord’s grace to me in Stephanie has been evident over and over again. What a faithful friend and companion. She has never ceased to stand by me and encourage me. Even through the trials of this last year, she has been a friend, lover, and blessing. When Psalm 103 talks about the Lord satisfying us with good things, she is my “great thing.”

I have seen her walk through trials of her own this year, and have been moved by the way she grew deeper and deeper in Christ. Her devotion to the Lord is evident is all she does. As a mother I can think of few better. Her love, care, and direction towards our children is a blessing to me and them. She would balk at believing this, but Proverbs 31 is a excellent description of who she is.

I cannot thank the Lord enough for his grace in giving me Stephanie. He is good and always give us what we need. His kindness to me in Stephanie is something that daily humbles me. In no ways am I worthy of such a gift as her. In every way she is a blessing and strength to me. As I reflect on God’s kindness to me one of the greatest gifts of his grace is my wife and best friend Stephanie. I love her with all my heart.