Everything That's On My Mind (Almost) - March 20, 2014

  1. Daylight Savings "spring forward" transitions are for the birds.

  2. Automobile maintenance is also for the birds.

  3. I want to write a weekly fantasy baseball column this year. It'll be as if the team I draft is a real team, facing real things, putting me in the cellar on a weekly basis. I'm sure no one will be interested. 

  4. The kids are having Spring Break sleepovers this week. Basically they sleep in the same room and keep each other up goofing off until I go to bed.

  5. Go back and rewatch LOST. Better yet, watch LOST with someone who hasn't seen it all yet. Too much fun.

  6. So far there have been (at this writing) 164 entries into my giveaway. There's still time for you to join the party!
  7. Reading in Judges right now. Sobering how often Israel "forgot the Lord." I'm afraid I'm not the exception to that statement.
  8. I'm a vintage man. Safety razors, fountain pens, and a french press. Who need modern machinery?
  9. I'm being a homer this year and cheering for Wichita St. to win the NCAA Tournament. 
  10. I'm nervous and excited and anxious and excited over the way God has been orchestrating details for Journey the Way to own a building.
  11. The church isn't a building. The church is a people. Churches steward buildings for the glory of God. That even means being missional stewards.
  12. I've been blessed and encouraged beyond measure this week. God's kindness to me brings me to my knees. I don't deserve even a pin-drop of it.
  13. My wife is my biggest fan and supporter. She gave me a five-star review the first time around.