Church History of the Brave, Bold, and Little Known

When was the last time you read a book telling stories about women faithful to the cause of Christ? Probably not recently. I want to highlight a helpful book however that has encouraged, challenged and pushed me in regard to my labor, sacrifice and diligence for the sake of Christ. The book is When Others Shuddered: Eight Women Who Refused to Give Up by Jamie Janosz. 

Jamie has written an incredible gift for today's church. Her book gives us a glimpse at the lives and ministries of a group women many have never heard of. The eight stories she chooses to highlight demonstrate the lives of women who love much, risk much, and gave everything for the cause of Christ in their day. Janosz displays what courageous, passionate, godly boldness for the sake of the Kingdom of God looks through the lens of these women and their stories.

The book itself is part retelling of the stories of these eight particular women's lives, part engagement in what those lives call and challenge us toward today. Jamie's style is clear, effective and engaging in helping us vividly see the lives of women we've never heard much of. Of course, don't for one second think that this book is just for women either. It challenged me in risking much and giving much for the sake of Christ's kingdom and is helpful for men and women alike.

If you're a pastor, teacher, or leader in the church you should read this. It will challenge you with what God can do with, in, and through the lives of women in our churches. If you're a woman you should read this and be challenged at what God can do with and through you for his glory. I'd also recommend this book for parents to read with their daughters. Through the lives of these faithful women our children can be challenged and inspired to attempt great things for God. Our daughters might not have a vision of spending their lives for God's sake because we don't have many stories to tell them. This book is a remedy to that need. I am looking forward to telling Allison about women like Emma Dryer, Amanda Smith, and Evangeline Booth. This book is a welcome resource in that area. 

We need more stories of women who were faithful to the gospel call even in the midst of great obstacles and barriers. We need to see how the history of the church is stories of everyday people who labor hard for the sake of Christ. Jamie gives us an engaging glimpse at a few who worked all the harder "when others shuddered" against all obstacles.