Saturday - Make Your Choice

Read Matthew 27:62-66

You must make a decision. You're no longer allowed to speculate, consider, or hold all your options out in front of you. You must decide what you will make of this man who was crucified. There is really only two options. Either you will confess and believe, as the Roman solider did standing at the cross "surely he was the Son of God."

Or, you will continue to doubt, deny and work against him.

This was the plight of the religious leaders who continue to heap unbelief upon unbelief. They had heard his statement, "destroy this body and in three days I will arise." They knew the resurrection implications of his ministry. Even as they approached Pilate they made it sound as if it was the followers of Jesus that they were most worried about; "lest his disciples go and steal him away...." Make no mistake about it, they weren't afraid of Jesus' disciples.

These were the disciples that were scattered. That hid, that fled, that were afraid and ran. Only John and a few women stood at the cross. The rest were nowhere to be seen.

Oh no, the religious leadership of Israel wasn't worried about Jesus' weak and scattered followers. They were worried about him. The fear that he was actually who he said he was boldly confronting them.

So they made their decision. They would continue to work against Jesus, even after they had killed him. Opposition isn't merely a once time only decision. It's a lifetime of, to twist a favorite phrase, "a long disobedience in the same direction."

On Saturday we must consider what we make of the bloodied, murdered, so-called Messiah, Jesus. Will we walk in disbelief and disobedience to him? Will we deny and doubt and set a guard up to destroy even the possibility of him really being who he claims?

Or will we wonder, and prepare, and hope that he keeps his word? Will we, with eager anticipation look forward to the life that he promised, the glory that he offered to anyone who trusts and follows him? Will we prayerfully be quiet looking to see what God will do?

Today is a a day of decision. Will we continue to work against him or will we wait and hope for the undoing of all evil that he alone can deliver on? Will we hope for resurrection?