Ten Reasons I "Office" At a Local Coffee Shop

  1. Flat Whites.
  2. I’m in the midst of people all throughout the day.
  3. Church members have an “open door” to me whenever I am here. Spontanious and planned conversations happen daily here.
  4. I learn how people think by what they talk about and dicuss with me. I see the other side of their worldviews and learn how to answer them with the gospel more effectively.
  5. I get to know and build relationships with the coffee shop staff. We’re becoming quick friends.
  6. Who I am in private is transported to the public. No hiding out.
  7. I get to know more people from the community at large this way. Regulars chat with regulars and many of them don’t attend my church.
  8. Did I mention I like coffee?
  9. Mobile techonology allows me to sermon prep, write, communicate and do all the things here that would have tethered me to an office twenty years ago.
  10. I labor to be like Christ with the people. I want to be in the midst of the world, talking, praying with, encouraging, helping, living in their midst. The coffee shop intersects my day with Christ and the world.