New Book: Tim Chester’s Titus For You


As a pastor I am constantly look for solid resources that will help not only the people I lead and shepherd understand the Bible well, but will also help me in my own study and engagement with the Word. One of my most favorite resources that accomplishes both goals for me has been the recent Bible for You series that The Good Book Company has published. Today their newest volume in that series, Titus For You by Tim Chester was released.

Tim Chester is one of the pastors of The Crowded House in Sheffield, England as well as one of the founders of The Porterbrook Network, a network I love serving. Tim has written one of my favorite books, You Can Change as well as many others. His style is engaging, smart, and helpful for ordinary, every day Christians. That’s what makes his new book so engaging and useful, not just for pastors, but for every person in the church.

Titus for You walks through the entire text of the Bible book of Titus in seven chapters. Each chapter is broken down into two parts that allows the reader to move through the course of the text at a moderate pace. Chester’s explanation of the Bible text is sound, gospel-centered, and aimed at showing the relevancy of the gospel to everyday life and mission. There are also a set of questions at the end of each part to help you consider the application of the text to your own life.

This volume wouldn’t necessarily be classified a commentary, although there are parts that help explain the original text. Nor is this a set of teachings or sermons on the text. This is a book that seeks to help engage everybody to — as the cover of the book states — “READ revealing how grace changes you, to FEED helping you meditate on God’s word day by day. This is for you to LEAD, equipping you to teach the Bible to Others. This is Titus for you.”

Chester’s addition to this series, which includes volumes by Timothy Keller, is a welcome and solid work for the church. I have personally be fed and helped walking through Titus with Tim Chester and better understanding the Scriptures as well as how they apply to my everyday life.

Along with Titus for You the Good Book Company has also released a small group study guide written by Chester on the book of Titus. This Good Book Guide to Titus contains five discussions that can be utilized in conjunction with Titus For You with small groups. These guides are fantastic, and the study on Titus is no exception. Studies are formed around an “investigate” the text and then “apply” the text format. It is sound practice for letting the text be the main driver of the discussion and it’s application become the result or output of engagement with the text.

I heartily recommend both of these volumes for your own devotional use, and for use in small groups and classes in the local church. Tim’s style and engagement is refreshing, easily understandable, even to the newest of Christian or non-Christian, and helping in showing the gospel of Christ as the center of all of life. Pick on The Good Book Company’s website or on I am sure they will benefit your life and your ministry greatly.

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