2015 Summer Tournament of Books

If your high school education was like mine during the summer I was loaded up with 5-6 books that I had to read in advance of my literature class starting up the following fall. It wasn’t an exercise I ever loved and I can only tell you the title of one book that I read during the summer blitz (Hiroshima for ninth grade literature). However the changed rhythm of the summer opened up some opportunities to read things I probably wouldn’t have read otherwise.

Last Friday I posted on Twitter a request, “I want to read a biography and a novel this summer. So recommend a few…” And a “few” were recommended. Over twenty if I count right. Which led to a difficult decision. If I want to read one biography and one novel, I had better make a decision. As I started looking at the list I realized that many of the offerings were pretty decent looking suggestions. So I decided to be ambitious and work at reading one book a week for 15 weeks. That would take me through the entire summer to Labor Day.

So what’s on the list? I believe some worthy entries, and like every summer a few adventure “block-busters.” There are a couple that have won a Pulitzer prize (that’s like a heavy-weight title fight!) and a few that are relatively unknown. The list is embedded below and linked on my Goodreads account so you can join up with me. One book won a “Tournament of Books” earlier this year, so it was included to see if it really was any good.

One way you could help me is by purchasing one of these books off my Amazon Wish-list so I can actually read them all this summer. If you buy it, I’ll bump it to the top of my reading list right away.

As for now, I’ve completed the first book on the list, Joel Burdeaux’s recommendation of The Sea of Crises by Marty Steere. I’ll give it some blog time first thing next week. Thanks Joel for the recommendation, good start to a summer of reading!

What are you reading this summer?