That One Time I Went To the Capitol

The capitol of Michigan that is.

Last week I was invited to give the invocation at the opening of the House of Representatives session for the day. I was profoundly honored to be there among our state government officials and to see firsthand the work they are doing. I was also encouraged, at least in Michigan, to discover so many faithful Christian representatives in our government. The district representative for Plymouth happens to be a pastor as well. 

Here are a few takeaways that I have from my day in Lansing.

  • Representatives are ordinary people. Many of them have full-time jobs outside of their legislative work. They have families, hobbies, and ordinary lives. I think we far too often vilify elected officials as being out of touch.
  • Representatives work hard. Really hard. Between committees, session meetings, meeting with their constituents, and a myriad of other things, they work hard. 
  • We should pray all the more for our elected officials, at every level. The responsibility they carry, the constant criticism they face, the uncertainty of the next election cycle, all of it carries immense burdens. Most are trying to do what is best and good for their constituents, even if others don’t see it the same way. 

I was encouraged by my time at the state capitol and encourage you, wherever you are to be more involved in your state-level government, pray for your representatives, and seek the good of your city. In it we may find our own good (Jeremiah 29:7). 

Everything That’s On My Mind (Almost) - Oct 10, 2015

  1. My wife is gone this weekend for a women’s retreat and I have the kids. Pray!
  2. My little girl is eight tomorrow. How did this happen? Next thing I know a boy is going to show up and want to take her to dinner. I’ll slash his tires.
  3. Somehow, I am now a “staff writer” for two different websites. Deadlines loom.
  4. Work hard at getting fresh views of Christ. That’s the only way we’ll change.
  5. I’ll admit that I’ve got my dad with me this weekend, so I have reinforcements. We’ll live (and eat like kings!).
  6. SF Giants are out (it’s an odd-numbered year), the Denver Broncos are undefeated (but look really suspect), Mizzou football is really suspect. So it’s going to be a disappointing sports winter.
  7. I feel like there is a “season” button for Michigan - no sooner does the actual season change and the weather does whatever it’s supposed to for that season. Unreal!
  8. Ronin Sushi in Royal Oak. Yes!
  9. Why is everyone up in arms about selfies? Instagram wasn’t the inventor of them. I’ve been taking selfies with every camera I can find for years!
  10. Read J.C. Ryle - like seriously! Get his Expository Thoughts on any one of the Gospel’s and just work your way through them.

Say Yes! To Michigan

If you had told me a year ago all that this year would have brought I would have probably hidden in a cave somewhere. Simply put it’s been the most difficult year of my life. However in this last year it’s been a time of growth and seeing much of the grace of God in our lives. Trial is many times a form of God’s grace to give us something greater and better for our good and his glory. God has been writing that story large in my life this last year.

Part of that story is in God redirecting my ministry path and opening a door for me to serve him with an incredible church in the Detroit Metro area. This last week I was called to work and serve at Woodside Bible Church in Troy, MI. Woodside is a church that has been impacting Detroit and the world for sixty years. Spread out over nine regional campus (plus an Internet campus), the church has been seeing the grace of God and the advance of the gospel far and wide. Under the leadership of Pastor Doug Schmidt I am confident and excited to be part of a dynamic team of campus pastors and leaders.

Specifically, I will be leading a campus and working to see people “BELONG to Christ, GROW in Christ, and REACH the world for Christ.”

Please be praying for our family as we get ready for a big transition to Detroit and need to find a place to live, setting on a school situation for our daughter, and restart life in a new place. Pray for me also as I settle into a new role and begin to labor for the sake of the gospel. We are eager to get to 2015 and see all that God has for us in a new place.

Michigan, Wolverine, Here We Come!