Everything That’s On My Mind (Almost) - Oct 10, 2015

  1. My wife is gone this weekend for a women’s retreat and I have the kids. Pray!
  2. My little girl is eight tomorrow. How did this happen? Next thing I know a boy is going to show up and want to take her to dinner. I’ll slash his tires.
  3. Somehow, I am now a “staff writer” for two different websites. Deadlines loom.
  4. Work hard at getting fresh views of Christ. That’s the only way we’ll change.
  5. I’ll admit that I’ve got my dad with me this weekend, so I have reinforcements. We’ll live (and eat like kings!).
  6. SF Giants are out (it’s an odd-numbered year), the Denver Broncos are undefeated (but look really suspect), Mizzou football is really suspect. So it’s going to be a disappointing sports winter.
  7. I feel like there is a “season” button for Michigan - no sooner does the actual season change and the weather does whatever it’s supposed to for that season. Unreal!
  8. Ronin Sushi in Royal Oak. Yes!
  9. Why is everyone up in arms about selfies? Instagram wasn’t the inventor of them. I’ve been taking selfies with every camera I can find for years!
  10. Read J.C. Ryle - like seriously! Get his Expository Thoughts on any one of the Gospel’s and just work your way through them.