The Defensive Mastermind?

I don't understand ESPN's love affair with Bill Belichick (aka "The Hoodie").  I read an article just Monday night after their stomping by the New Orleans Saints that claimed The Hoodie to be a "defensive mastermind."  Yet earlier this year I read in another ESPN place that he was an "offensive mastermind."  Really?  Really?  One would even be lead to believe that he is the greatest NFL coach in the history of the game.  

I just don't buy it.  You can't be 7-4 and be shut down in one game (against the Jets) and lit up in another (against the Saints) and be both a defensive and offensive mastermind.   The claim of an offensive mastermind can't goof on a Fourth and Two call against the best team in the AFC.  A defensive mastermind can't give up an average of 35 points against undefeated teams (see the Colts loss and the Saints loss).  Please don't call him the greatest coach ever.  

Sure he has been the coach of a modern post-salary cap NFL dynasty.  But better than Landry?  Better than Walsh?  Better than the great Lombardi himself?  I don't think so. 

The Hoodie; good coach, mastermind only of his wardrobe.