My Holiday Study

Sunday night I take off for Missouri and some great times with family and friends.  Christmas holidays are great.  But I also have a load of reading and watching to do before I return to Santa Rosa and get cracking at 2010.  Here's what is on the agenda:

  • Keller's Reason for God
  • Goldsworthy's According to Plan - trying to get a leg up on my seminary class
  • Timmis and Chester's Gospel-Centred Life
  • Johnson's Him We Proclaim 

  • Collision: Is Christianity Good for the World?  Hitchens vs. Wilson
  • The Case for Faith: Strobel
  • The Case for Christ: Strobel

So that's a pretty heavy list to be sure.  I am excited to plow through as much as I can.  Here I come 2010, ready or not!