The Kindle and Accordance


I received an Amazon Kindle for Christmas and I have to say at this point that I love it. For me it is almost the perfect reading experience. I don't think it will replace actual paper and ink books in my life (and I don't want it to) but it does make getting around with many books a lot easier. After having the Kindle for close to two weeks now I have found it to be one of the most profitable tools for reading in my life right now. To date I have been able to keep up with my Scripture reading plan and read several other very helpful Christian books in a steady manner. I really enjoy it.

Today however I discovered an unintentional benefit of my Kindle. For a long, long, long, long time I have wanted to be able to read a book, highlight particular sections of the book and then be able to catalog those highlights for future reference and for sermon prep. One friend told me his method of reading, highlighting, typing the quote into his computer and then having it index that quotation. That seemed rather long and tedious to me and the one time I tried it I got sidetracked by typing the quote and lost track of reading the book.

This is where the Kindle and my favorite Bible software created the perfect combination. When you read on the Kindle you can highlight and mark particular quotations in a book. The Kindle then makes a .txt file of those highlights, marks and even your own personal notes. I can copy that .txt file from the Kindle and create a new User Note in Accordance that will allow me to search through and archive my notes. So now when I finish a book (or a chapter in a book) I pull the .txt file and throw the quotes into my User Note and away I go. If I want to search something I can search by any text I put in that file. It's amazing, and a very helpful tool by both the Kindle and Accordance.