Asking the Right Questions

I've been reading DeYoung and Kluck's book Why We Love the Church  tonight and found some great questions that churches need to ask themselves as they consider why their church might not be growing as they hope.  These are gospel-centered questions that force us to look not to our methods and programs and style as much as they force us to look at the content of what we saying and doing.  Here they are:

  • Are we getting in the way of the gospel?
  • Are we believing the gospel?
  • Are we relying on the power of the gospel?
  • Are we getting the gospel out?
  • Are we getting the gospel right?
  • Are we adorning the gospel with good works?
  • Are we praying for the work of the gospel?
  • Are we training up our children in the gospel?
  • Are we trusting God's sovereignty in the gospel?

These are profoundly good questions and ones that need to be at the focus of our self-evaluations.  I encourage you to pick up the book and check through the fuller descriptions of each question on pages 32-36.