Re:Train Final Project Proposal

Today I submitted this as my final project proposal for the graduate-level degree program I am going through at The Resurgence Training Center.  I'd love any input or feedback you'd like to give.  Of course if you already know of something like this then please let me know.  I don't want to recreate the wheel.  Let me know your thoughts!

Thesis:  As it is a call of mine to lead the local church in training and equipping men to train and equip men, my project will be a tool designed to facilitate the training and development of potential elders in the church.  

Paragraph Summary:  

My project will focus on developing a tool for training and discipling men in our church to be elders. The tool will seek to help men in four particular areas; who they are as a man of God, who they are as a man in the home; who they are as men in the church and who they are as men in the world. Each section will deal with the Biblical qualifications for eldership in that area, flesh out the gospel identities for the man and provide assessment and practice for the man in relationship to the specific area. A coaching component will also be included to create an external level of assessment and discipleship for the man in process to be an elder.  The tool will address the intellectual life, source beliefs and attitudes as well as practice and behavior.