Reading in February


We're already into the second month of 2011 and I needed to bring my faithful readers (thanks mom) up to speed on what I've been reading.  This afternoon I take off for Seattle for my next Re:Train course called "Leader as Prophet".  The aim of the course is to equip guys in Christ-centered preaching.  Bryan Chapell is the teacher for this course and this is the one I have really been looking forward to this year.  Here's the reading list I just completed:

None of these books were a dud and I would recommend you read the last three.  If you are going to be preaching or teaching someday you should read the first one listed, but everybody would be served well by working through the final three books in the list.  I am excited to learn more about the ministry of preaching and how to better do it.  I am praying that God would show me more grace and help me continue to develop and grow in bring the gospel to bear on the lives of people from the Scriptures in a clear and compelling way by the power of the Holy Spirit.