Dads; Date Your Daughters!


I'd like to encourage you not to be a lazy dad. You might already be though. I'd like to push you not to be a weak, cowardly, ignorant man that has nothing to teach your daughter because you're too busy playing Halo. But you're probably too busy doing that to read this.

Let me ask you a question, how is your daughter going to learn when a boy really respects and values her? How will she know to discern between a true man and a boy that just wants to get her panties off? How can you protect your daughter from abusive, worthless filth who will not value her for the woman created-in-the-image-of-God that she is? Do you care? Are you fine with your daughter getting abused and raped because you were lazy and a push-over?

Frankly your daughter has to learn how to be treated by a man. Dad, that man is you. No her brothers aren't going to do it, but they might help your cause.  Mom isn't going to be the one, although she can certainly teach discernment and biblical womanhood to your daughter.  But the lens that God has given your daughter to learn how to relate to men is you! You are the one that will show your daughter(s) how God loves them.  You are the one that will train your daughters to fall in love with true men. You are the one that God has shouldered with the burden of doing this. If God gave you a daughter, He gave you a call to love her by protecting her from worthless boys. 

You do this by dating your daughter. Are you dating your daughter? Are you investing time and resources in her to show her how she is to be treated and loved and valued? Is your daughter learning discernment about men by the way you love her? God entrusted your daughter to you. Do you love her enough to train her in the way you date her? Will she know how she is to be treated by other men because of the way you dated her? Or are you content with letting the pimps, abusers and "joes" of our culture teach her the role they want her to have in the world? 

Get off your butt, fight for your daughter and date her! You might actually enjoy it.