What If?

What would happen within our local churches if we prayed?  What if we corporately gathered together frequently to confess our sins to God and to one another?  What if we prayed deeply and seriously for the Holy Spirit to move in our midst? What if we prayed for days and weeks and months for the advance of the gospel all around the world? What if we prayed, together, for the preaching of the Word and for the pastors whose ministries we sit under? What if we prayed for our own hearts to be open and humble and submissive to God’s Word? What if we quit worrying about what the culture or the world thinks about us and addressed ourselves to God and what He believes about us? What if we stopped trying to busy ourselves with more programs or more events or more stuff and just got back to simply, quietly, corporately praying and asking for the fresh winds of revival to blow through our midst? What if we simply, corporately, regularly started praying? What would God do?