A Broken Car Seat and a Gospel Lesson

Stephanie wrote the following on her blog last night.  The event was a vivid demonstration of the gospel to me and brought me to tears as I thought of the grace of God in my life.  Jesus paid it all. 

Last night was quite an adventure - another story all in itself - the short version - Ethan got sick several times, resulting in the car seat needing to be cleaned. I worked on that today and had it sitting there - waiting for all the drying parts to be returned. The car seat has this lovely piece of foam that is the head support. To a little four year old girl, this must have looked like a craft project waiting to happen. More than once I had said, Allison, don't touch the foam. While getting dinner ready I see Allison holding a piece of the foam and hear Jeremy asking her where it came from. Eventually she pointed to the broken foam in the living room. Yes, you guessed it, she decided to disobey and tear the foam so, as she put it, she could "make something." To say I was upset would be quite the understatement. I was not happy at all. Jeremy took her to her room, talked to her and we left her to stay on her bed while we discussed matters in the other room - trying to decide what to say, what the consequences were and cool down - all were needed. We talked about how she could pay for it (she had money from Christmas) but that seemed like something of little impact since she doesn't have a real concept of the amount of money. After a period of time Jeremy said he needed to go back and deal with her - I asked, "What are you going to say?" Jeremy's reply, "I don't know exactly, but talk to her about the gospel and forgiveness." 

When Jeremy came back and shared with me about the conversation, I realized that God used the broken car seat to teach us all a big lesson. Jeremy said that when he was talking to Allie, he told her she would have to pay for the repairs or replacement, no matter how much that was (and we had told her it could be lots of money). She looked up at him, feeling badly and said, "Daddy, I can't pay, I only have $2 from Uncle Adam and $1 from my bank, I don't have enough and I can't pay." Which made her sad. It was at that moment that Jeremy realized that this is EXACTLY what God has done for us - we come to Him completely unable to pay and he says to us, "I will pay."  Seeing Allison's despair Jeremy took her up in his arms, hugged her and cried, "It's okay, I'll pay! I'll pay!"

It was a wonderful opportunity to talk to her about how God did this for us, he paid for our sins which we could never pay for. Jeremy headed to a meeting and Allie brought it up again to me, telling me how special it was that Daddy was going to pay for something that she couldn't but should. When she prayed tonight she thanked God for paying for what we couldn't. 

I am beyond thankful above all that God did pay for what I couldn't! I am thankful for real lessons in life where he clearly reminds us of his love and grace. It may have been seemed like a broken car seat - but really it was a great reminder to all of us how God paid for what we couldn't. Allie knows tonight that her daddy loves her - that he is going to take care of what she can't. I pray that takes hold in her heart and that there comes a point where she sees exactly what God has done for her. So thankful for those moments when we so clearly see God at work - His glory - our good! My heart is smiling.