Top 40 Things About Stephanie



Today is Stephanie's, my wife, birthday.  To honor her and maybe inform you about some things that make her so great I've created a "Top 40" list of awesome things about her.   Here's my list.  I love you Steph! 

Top 40 Things About Steph 40. Stephanie is from #Mizzou 39. Stephanie loves dark chocolate 38. Stephanie loves shopping at antique stores 37. Stephanie likes iced toffee nut lattes at Starbucks 36. Stephanie’s favorite season is Autumn 35. Stephanie doesn’t like wearing glasses, but she’s really hot when she does 34. Stephanie is the Christmas Queen 33. Stephanie allows a Hungarian grandma to give her directions 32. Stephanie thinks David Gray’s White Ladder album is one of the best ever 31. Stephanie orders chips and dip at any restaurant that serves them 30. Stephanie was a cheerleader in high school 29. Stephanie won the award for top Spanish student in high school 28. Stephanie has only lived in two counties her entire life. Callaway and Sonoma 27. Stephanie fought to get her man 26. Stephanie hates camping. Hates! 25. Stephanie cheers for Carl Edwards in Nascar 24. Stephanie has survived many tornadoes. The real kind. 23. Stephanie loves to read to her kids. 22. Stephanie’s favorite side dish is anything involving a potato. 21. Stephanie loves Broadway musicals 20. Stephanie has forgotten more about how to educate children that most people ever learn. 19. Stephanie has been published on the most read Christian blog in the world. 18. Stephanie's spiritual gifts are hospitality and administration. 17. Stephanie would kill for good brie 16. Stephanie’s nose crunches when she smiles. 15. Stephanie’s favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast 14. Stephanie rushed and was accepted in every sorority at her college. She turned them all down. 13. Stephanie’s cookies have won awards. 12. Stephanie can’t have enough shoes 11. Stephanie is wicked-good at the drums in Rock Band 10. Stephanie cried in Toy Story 3 9. Stephanie loves to clap to the songs we sing at church on Sunday mornings 8. Stephanie is a tireless worker and servant 7. Stephanie smiles most when playing with her kids 6. Stephanie loves games, especially Scrabble and Nertz 5. Stephanie’s favorite places are Seattle, Santa Fe and Auxvasse. 4. Stephanie should have her own Food Network Show. 3. Stephanie is an amazing mother to her two children. 2. Stephanie married a nomadic, unemployed, bald, real-life George Costanza.  That’s real love. 1. Stephanie’s love for Jesus dwarfs all her other loves.