The Writebol's Are Moving


This morning I shared the following with Santa Rosa Bible Church:

Over the last few years God has given me a passion for a couple of things:

  • The advance of the gospel through small community groups.
  • The advance of the gospel through church planting.

As those passions grew we began to pray that God would either connect those two in our lives or remove the passion from us.  When “it just so happened” that a church plant I was familiar with in Wichita, KS made it known that they were looking for a pastor to lead their small groups we felt that God was answering our prayers and directing us to a new season of ministry.  To that end I've stepped down as the Adult Ministries Pastor at Santa Rosa Bible Church and as of April 1st I will begin working at Journey the Way in Wichita, KS to lead their Community Group Ministries with this church plant. 

Our time here at Santa Rosa Bible Church has been fruitful ministry for me and I am grateful to the Lord for allowing me and my family to serve Him by shepherding you.  We have set down deep roots with many of you and are the recipients of much grace in those relationships.  We will be praying for Santa Rosa Bible Church in the months and years ahead that God would continue to give this church a passion for His grace and an effectiveness in the city and the world. 

Please pray for our family as we make a big transition to Kansas as there are many logistics that we are working through.  Additionally please pray for the grace of God to be upon us as we minister in Kansas.  Pray that Christ would be exalted, that the gospel would spread and that we would see much fruitfulness from our ministry in Wichita. 

It's been a great eight years in California at SRBC and we are looking forward to what God has for us ahead with Journey the Way in Wichita.  Please keep us in your prayers and I'll keep you posted on all that is ahead and God is doing.