Seven Greatest Moments of My Marriage


#7 The First Day. Worship, Vows, Fireworks, Wendy's, Fire Alarm. I'll never forget it.

#6 – The Day I Tossed Out My Back.  This occured early on in year 2 of our married life.  We just hired a new pastor at Santa Rosa Bible Church and I was cleaning out the office space for him.  In an unfortunate twist I ended up doing something funky to my back.  5 hours later I was laying on the floor in our home moaning unable to make it 30 feet to our bedroom and had to have a friend take me to the emergency room.  The day ended (at around 3am) with me drugged up and talking about reindeer on the roof and Steph laughing at me.

#5 – The French-Canadian/Vermonster Nightmare.  This might fall in the "worst moments of our marriage" category, but it's one we've remembered (and now laugh at) occassionally. After saying "good-bye" to my brother and his wife (whom we wouldn't see for another 3 years) we crossed the border from Quebec into Vermont our phone lit up with terrible news back in California.  Furthermore, our flight from Burlington, VT to Washington DC and then home was cancelled and there was a train festival in the State that made sure every hotel in a 300 mile radius was booked. EXCEPT, the nastiest Super-8ish place on the planet.  We didn't even get under the covers and made Allison sleep between us it was so gross.  Not a fun day.

#4 – Seattle Vacation.  Last year Stephanie and I got travel to Seattle for a week so that I could finish my graduate program and we could celebrate six years of marriage.  This was probably the first "vacation" of more than one or two nights for us since our children were born.  We partied, enjoyed the beauty the Puget Sound and Seattle, ate great food, slept in late, and laughed at pronouncing things like "Snoqualamie" and "Sammamish."  My best friend was with me and it was amazing fun.

#3 – Allison's Birth.  I was in class in Vallejo, some 50 miles away from Steph.  She waited until class was over to call me and tell me "it was time."  It wasn't time however and she endured over 36 hours of labor, two trips to the hospital, a failed epidural, a snotty nurse and a few other trials.  All of it was forgotten however when Allison showed up. I fell in love immediately and we both cried for joy.

#2 – Ethan's Birth.  Ethan's birth wasn't a surprise.  Stephanie had to be induced for Ethan to decide to leave the comforts of his womb-home and join us in the real world.  So we went to the hospital, checked-in and waited for about 8 hours until Ethan decided he was ready to meet the family.  Steph's labor was considerably shorter and again we were crying tears of joy when we met our little boy.

#1 – Today.  Today is the best day in our marriage because it is still there.  We are still married and that is not because of our wisdom, cunning or perfection. It's not because we are googly-eyed-in-love with one another (although that does help).  We're still married because of God's grace, and that grace is a gift.  So that makes today the best day in our marriage.  One more day of grace, one more day of love, one more day of friendship.  We've promised to extend that grace, love and friendship until we die.  And by God's grace we will get there.  Which also means that tomorrow will be the be the greatest moment in our marriage as well.