Everything That's On My Mind (Almost)- July 25, 2012

  1. The Old Farmer’s Almanac better be right!
  2. I’m on vacation for a few days. Don't feel bad if I don't return your phone call.
  3. My blogging as of late has been to help get my writing career off the ground. I’m grateful for the 30 readers I have.
  4. Mountain Lion ships today. I wonder if the next OS X update will be called “Hello Kitty.”
  5. Wichita’s zoo was great. Certainly more active than the San Francisco Zoo.
  6. There are a few more dates on the preaching calendar for me. Asking me to preach is like giving a fat kid candy.
  7. Stephanie made a zucchini-sausage pie last week. I’m watering at the mouth thinking about it.
  8. I’m so glad my grandparents could visit and help me fix things around the house.
  9. Can you tell I’ve figured out how to make footnotes on my blog posts?[1]
  10. Stephanie has started watching LOST suddenly. I knew I'd end up back on the Island one way or another.
  11. Being the old guy on staff gives me a new perspective in ministry. Mainly, that I’m going to be the first one dead.
  12. I could use about 15 volunteers to help me knock out some projects.
  13. This is Family Camp week for Santa Rosa Bible Church. I really miss hanging out at Hartstone with friends. And the food. At Hartstone.
  14. The business guys in my church told me not to read business books. They told me to read bios of great leaders.  I'm reading a big one on Lincoln right now.
  15. My ordination council is the same weekend as Mizzou vs. Alabama. Think they will let me meet with the council via Skype?

  1. It’s pretty cool huh!?!  ↩