Everything That’s On My Mind (Almost) – August 1, 2012

  1. Today is my grandmother’s 80th birthday. She’s got a real good shot at 100 if you ask me.
  2. I can only name eight Chicago Cubs players right now. I am a terrible fan.
  3. Last night we launched a new community group. I’m already excited about what God is going to do in, through, and with us!
  4. More people read my sports post than my Hosea post this last week. I will accept the blame. I always knew I was a good sports writer.
  5. Baptisms are a shot of missional adrenaline to the church. Journey the Way had fourteen injections this weekend. I can’t wait to see God save more people so we can do it again soon.
  6. It’s supposed to be 112º on Friday here. That’s only 78º cooler than the temperature that I smoke meat at.
  7. I missed Family Camp last week. This week I learned I’m missing Pasta King at the SoCo Fair. Dang.
  8. Matt Redmond deserves some credit for this format on my blog. Buying one of his CD’s will really encourage him.
  9. A friend and I had a debate on Greek words yesterday. I let him think he won.
  10. Still haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet. Thankfully no one has spoiled it for me either.
  11. I’m accepting requests for things you’d like to see me write about. Please submit your idea or request in the comments below.
  12. My wife is more precious to me today than she was when we first met. So thankful my grandma introduced us!