Everything That’s On My Mind (Almost) - August 15, 2012

  1. I’m driving a Toyota Yaris while the van is in the shop. I want to lean my head out the window and cry yyyyaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiisssss whenever I take a corner fast.
  2. I am really glad my family is coming home today. I’ve missed them.
  3. Damian Lewis is one of my favorite actors. The show Life is really clever.
  4. I love seeing our community group growing in relationship and trust with other another. It’s becoming fertile soil for the Holy Spirit to work.
  5. It rained in Wichita yesterday and felt like Autumn. I can’t wait for Autumn.
  6. I need about 30 volunteers to help me get things done at Journey the Way.
  7. Went to Dollar Night at the local semi-pro baseball team on Monday. Can’t wait to take the kids in a few weeks.
  8. God is up to big things. Keeps me dependent and praying much.
  9. Ever wonder what happened to AOL Instant Messenger? Yeah, me neither.
  10. Fantasy football draft this weekend with some local guys. I’m going to throw them off by drafting John Elway in the first round.