Everything That’s On My Mind (Almost) - August 22, 2012

  1. I’ve decided that any form of “fish and chips” in a land-locked state is only going to disappoint me.
  2. The double cure of Jesus’ death has moved my heart in worship this week.
  3. About to mark Nebraska and Alabama off my list of States never visited.
  4. I have first-hand experience now at what it is like to be an administrator of a school making a budget based on a set amount of students and then watching to see if that number of students actually enrolls. Nerve-wracking.
  5. It is a sure sign of the decline of our culture that men do not know how to grill meat well.
  6. It is helpful to write and be critiqued. What I think is an amazing article sometimes isn’t.
  7. I am grateful for the season I’m in where I can say “I love my job.”
  8. I hate it when my kids get sick. It makes me sad to see them not feel good.
  9. LOST is just as good, just a surprising the second time around. And probably better too.
  10. I am overly excited about getting published on a website that isn’t my own.
  11. I'm confident The Alumni Association of my college alma mater is posting yearbook photos of students on Facebook as blackmail to get them to donate money. Apparently I haven't paid up.
  12. Sitting around a table having dinner and laughing with community is an under-appreciated gift of grace.
  13. Bacon Chocolate-Chip Cookies are also an under-appreciated gift of grace.