Everything That's On My Mind (Almost) - September 5, 2012


  1. Day 24 of the Great Siding Siege of 2012. That’s twenty days longer than it was supposed to last.
  2. I have Jimmy Graham on all of my fantasy football teams this season.
  3. East Oklahoma is pretty. Central and Western Oklahoma? Not so much.
  4. Ninety students enrolled at Porterbrook Kansas this year. 9–0!
  5. Family Worship Sunday’s are pretty cool. We should do it more often.
  6. The temps are back in the triple digits this week. Summer’s got to stick it to us one last time before the 21st.
  7. J.C. Ryle has an awesome way of making me love Jesus more and more.
  8. The Wells Fargo Dealer Services Fax Machine Fiasco is officially over. A tech from 1989 time traveled into the future to help them.
  9. The Wichita Zoo continues to impress me. I’ve been twice now and still haven’t seen it all.
  10. Stephanie only gets more beautiful, more brilliant, more funny and more kind each day I spend with her.