Everything That's On My Mind (Almost) - September 12, 2012


  1. I forgot how beautiful the South is. Thanks for reminding me Alabama.
  2. I drove by at least 8 church buildings in a two mile stretch of road in Madison, AL this morning. I don’t think there are 8 churches in most towns of 43,500 in California.
  3. The Avett Brothers are singing to me again.
  4. The Great Siding Siege is over. Our home looks great.
  5. Read The Great Divorce yesterday. Lewis has helped me remember my desires are too weak. Not solid at all.
  6. Put the youth pastor hat back on this last Sunday.
  7. Going 2 for 3 in fantasy football this weekend isn’t too bad. Of course losing to my wife is humbling. I knew she was holding out on me.
  8. Allison’s taking ballet lessons. Unfortunately she wants Ethan to take them too.
  9. I need Jesus’ Double Cure again today. I need it every day.
  10. Seems like a lot of doors are opening up in front of me. I have no idea why but I am excited about it.
  11. I still miss my buddies in Cali.
  12. Looking forward to having the Grey Ghost back. Glad I got to put 2,500 miles last month on a Yaaaaaarrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiissssss.
  13. My wife ages like fine wine. She gets better and better with every passing day.