Reflections on Ordination

Yesterday I was officially ordained as a minister of the gospel at Journey the Way. Here are some reflections and responses on the ordination process and being ordained as a minster of the gospel.

  • Ordination shouldn’t be about how much theological knowledge you have. It should be about the calling of God on your life, the gifting God supplies to lead the church and the character the Holy Spirit gives to set an example for the church. Doctrine is part of all that, but only a part.
  • Ordination has been cheapened by those who are not truly qualified and called. This is why I put off being ordained for so long.
  • It is deeply sobering to have 1 Timothy 4:11–16 read and spoken over you as a charge for your ministry and life.
  • I’m grateful my ordination council asked me more about my character, calling and competency than they did about the third person listed in the fourth genealogy of 1 Chronicles.
  • Nothing changes about me today. I continue working to bring the gospel to bear on the lives of the people God entrusts to me.
  • It’s deeply encouraging to have the body of Christ lay their hands on and pray over me and my family as I minister. I pray I shepherd them well.
  • Ordination is like tithing. It is the act of the church setting aside men for the sole purpose of devoting themselves to the work of the gospel. It is a calling to apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, shepherding and teaching.
  • Ordained pastors are not the only ministers in the church, they are the ones called to equip the church to be the ministers.
  • I am grateful for God’s grace in my life, He is far more kind than I ever deserve.