An Open Letter of Thanks to Pastor Steve Fernandez

Steve Fernandez is the senior pastor of Community Bible Church in Vallejo, CA and the president of The Cornerstone Seminary where I did much of my graduate work. Recently he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. Please be in prayer for Steve, his family, and his ministry. At the conclusion to my letter is a recent address Steve gave to his church regarding his cancer. I think you will see what I'm talking about. Dear Steve,

I wanted to take a few minutes today and write you and thank you for pastoring me. From the moment I first met you I was impressed with a man that made Jesus Christ the main object of his life. Now, even as you entrust yourself to Christ through this cancer you are showing me how Christ is your only hope and glory.

Few have impacted me as much as you have with regard to the intensity and devotion you have to Christ. I believe the first time I sat under your teaching was at the inaugural Cornerstone Seminary orientation. You preached Christ and preached him boldly. Afterword you made an effort to get to know the new students at this fledgling seminary and began to get to know me. You are as consistent about Christ in the pulpit as you were talking with me. During your missions class it was evident that Christ is the goal of all missions. As you lead the seminary, Community Bible Church, a building project, and the many other things that you are involved with I am struck with the singular focus and note that you ring day-in and day-out. Christ.

As a young an impressionable man this has helped me see clearly through much of the evangelical malaise that plagues our churches today. We’re too caught up in trends, “movements”, methods and philosophies rather than the clear, guiding light of Christ. You cut through all that fog and taught me to focus my life and ministry on “Christ and him crucified.” In fact, as I reflect on your ministry it seems very obvious to me that this is the theme of your life. Thank you for bringing that singular focus to my life and to showing me glory beyond the man-made glory of today.

We are praying for you and your family today as you lean on Jesus for more grace. Thank you for always clearly pointing me to Christ!

With love, Jeremy