Using Nextdoor in my Neighborhood

Recently a post from Timmy Brister sparked my imagination about getting to know my neighbors better and having a digital means to know them and connect with them. Timmy states:

This is my mission field, I am renewing my commitment this year to be the best neighbor I can be and positively invest in the welfare of my city. One of the creative ways I’m seeking to do this is through an online platform called Nextdoor. Throughout this tool, I am gonna try to create a neighborhood where one does not exist and bring those around me together.

In response I started a Nextdoor site for my neighborhood and last night had the chance to share about it at my neighborhood association meeting. There were a lot of positive things said about it and the neighbors seemed genuinely excited about it's usefulness.  I am excited about it's usefulness for the sake of the gospel. That is all that good technology really is, means to advance the Kingdom.

I invite you to be on mission, create a Nextdoor neighborhood here, and get to know your neighbors for the sake of the gospel.