Raised: A Book for Skeptics on Easter


I don’t know where Switchfoot picked it up, but in one of my favorite songs they sing, “doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs.” Now, I understand that statement is easily dismantled if our “doubts” and our “beliefs” are jacked-up to begin with. However, as a Christian there are times when I’ve been able to sort through some truth and error because I’ve doubted the truth of some of the thoughts that have seriously troubled me and have believed the things that I already affirm and believe.

This brings us to the issue of the resurrection of Jesus. My naturalistic, scientific, rational-thinking, cessationationistic (look it up) self doubts that kind of thing happens. However, as I look at Scripture and honestly deal with my doubts I find this is one “doubt” that I should most certainly discredit. If Jesus is not raised from the dead then my “beliefs” are really the things I should doubt. At least that’s the way it goes in my head.

Now, enter Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson’s new book Raised? Doubting the Resurrection. This little book from my publisher GCD Books is an excellent book for the saved and skeptic alike. For the Christian it is going to frame and encourage you in understanding the reality of the resurrection and it’s day-to-day impact in life. It helped me see once again the prominence of the resurrection of Christ for our faith. Furthermore it helped me think through how to talk in a winsome manner with people who don’t believe in Christ or the resurrection. It helped shape me to live a “resurrection life.” I was personally helped by this little book. I encourage you to read or discuss it with someone who wrestles with the resurrection.

For the skeptic or non-believer this book isn’t going to beat you over the head with dogma or doctrine. It will raise some questions that you will have to intellectually and honestly deal with. It will give you a glimpse of why Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is true and life-changing. Unlike a ranting, debating, yelling street preacher this books tone is friendly and engaging. You might be challenged by the cross and resurrection, but you won’t be insulted for wrestling with the truth of it. I encourage you to read it and talk with a Christian friend about it.

With Easter almost here this book is a compassionate resource to engage and encourage people with the gospel. I encourage you to pick it up. You can download it in Kindle format, iBooks, or PDF.