Jet Set Japan: Pre-Flight Checklist

Tomorrow morning the majority of our team from Journey the Way and Karis Community Church depart for Japan. While there we will be visiting several different cities, meeting numerous leaders and seeking to discern the Lord's calling and will for us as individuals and churches. The central mission for our team is to gain a sense of the movement of the Holy Spirit for planting churches and partnering with pastors and leaders already on the ground in Japan. As we depart here are a few ways you can pray for me and the team while we are away:

  • Pray for discernment, wisdom and spiritual understanding of the needs of Japan while we are there.
  • Pray for clarity in conversations and meetings with leaders in Japan.
  • Pray for mercy in our travel, health and engagement of the Japanese culture.
  • Pray for unity on our team.
  • Pray for a movement to grow of churches planting churches in one of the least reached countries of the world.
  • Pray for my family that is remaining behind in the U.S. while away.

Thanks for your prayers. I'll be posting frequent updates here while away but if you want to follow more of the action be sure to check out the Karis Japan page as well.