Jet Set Japan: Chiba City

As I woke up this morning at about 5am Japan time two things settled into my mind. First, it was still "yesterday" in the US. I am living in the future. Second, I'm in for a whirlwind of meeting people, learning as much as I can about Japan and the need for the gospel here. Today didn't disappoint.

I won't share everything that there is to share about my day except that I met some exceptional people and the Lord grew my heart for this nation even more today. The enduring theme for the day the entire day was simply "A Long Obedience". That's what it takes to plant a church in Japan. Results won't be quick in coming (one leader here shared that it was four years of ministry in this country before he saw one conversion) but faithful men who will work at gospel ministry for the long term is desperately needed here. I plan on reflecting on this theme of a long obedience more later, especially as I am reading Eugene Peterson's book A Long Obedience in the Same Direction while I'm here but today in Japan has challenged me to see that gospel ministry must have this as an enduring quality or it won't be lasting, regardless of where I am.

I am grateful for the work here and am eager for tomorrow to enter into Tokyo and see the city itself in full swing. Just like yesterday here are a few of the sites from today for you to enjoy.