Reading in December (and half of November)


The next 6-8 weeks is a bit of a break for me with my work at The Resurgence Training Center (Re:Train).  We do not have class in December but have a week-long intensive the second week of January.  In preparation for that course our required reading looks something like this:

  • The Peacemaker by Ken Sande
  • Gospel Coach by Scott Thomas and Tom Wood
  • A biography of a dead evangelical pastor - has to be 200 pages.  

The biography is of special interest to me because I really enjoy church history and I learn a ton from biographies.  For this course I wanted to read a biography on a man I don't know too much about.  That knocked out reading on Edwards, Calvin, Luther and a few others.  When I started asking around many pointed me to D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and said I should read a bio on him.  The problem with that is unless you read the large two volume, 1200 page, book by Iain H. Murray, you aren't going to find another biography on him.

So... I'm taking the plunge.  At least on the second volume of Lloyd-Jones' life.  I figure this volume has the most immediate lessons for me to learn from and puts his time-line in closer proximity to mine.  I'm excited about this set of reading.  Scott Thomas' book Gospel Coach has been excellent and when it finally is released it will be a benefit to leaders everywhere.  Read along if you like the next couple months!