Jet Set Japan

Four weeks from today I will be setting foot on the other side of the globe once again, this time in Japan. To say that I am a bit excited about this trip is a little bit of an understatement. Ever since my friend Steve Sakanashi started telling me about his heart for Japan and the need there for the gospel I was burdened. Japan itself is one of the least reached people-groups in the world with the gospel. Around 1% of the 126 million people that live in Japan are Christians. It's one of the most difficult places to plant a church and to see the gospel advance, and yet at its cultural core there is fabric that is in line with the gospel itself. My friend Steve has been referring me to the code of bushido as a reference point for that. Steve's also written some excellent posts on how bushido is fully realized in the person and work of Jesus.

The purpose of my trip in a few weeks is to understand the nature of the church there in Japan and meet with church-planters and Christian leaders and understand their needs and vision for the country. In some ways I feel a bit like an apostolic tourist trying to get a better feel for the culture, people, needs, and opportunities for the gospel and then to come back and formulate a plan for Journey the Way to be involved in seeing the gospel spread in Japan.

Not only am I going as a representative of Journey the Way, but I am also excited about going with my good friend Kevin Larson and Karis Church in Columbia, MO. Kevin was kind enough to invite me and a couple others from Journey the Way to come along with them to Japan this year. One of the things we are eager to see built is a networked partnership of churches eager to see the gospel spread and churches planted in Japan. As two Acts 29 churches we are excited that there seems to be a growing interest, and a movement of the Holy Spirit to send and resource planters for Japan. Karis has set up a website for this trip to Japan as well as a way to give financially to support the cost of the trip for the ten members that are going.

In the next month would you please pray that God prepares the ten members of the team that are going? Pray God would give us wisdom, a heart for the nation, and a clear sense of calling to serve and invest in Japan for the sake of the gospel.

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