Powering Down For A Few Weeks

According to social media and "platform" experts what I'm about to do in the next two weeks is a very bad idea for growing and developing social influence and significance. That being said I don't really care what social media gurus tell me I should and shouldn't be doing to attract, grow and keep a crowd of readers. If you're tracking with me thus far I am grateful that you read and visit my site. I'm going to give you the freedom of not having to feel like you have to pay attention to anything I write or say for the next two weeks.

I'm going to unplug. Seriously. No Facebook, no blog, no Twitter, no email, no reaching into the vast crevasse that is the Internet over the next two weeks. Why? Two reasons:

  1. I am going to be speaking at a camp for high school students in Northern California next week. I'd ask, beg and plead that you would pray for me as I teach on the nature of God. Pray as well for these students that God would be pleased to reveal himself to them, draw them to himself and grant them repentance, faith and life in Him. Pray that the Holy Spirit is at work to make more disciples of Jesus. If you want to do something fun you can send me a care package.
  2. I am going to give spend some intentional and unhurried time with my wife, kids and friends on vacation for the second week. We need it, they need me, I need them, my soul needs Christ. We're going to play, sing, eat, read, nap, laugh and have a great time together.

So that's where I'll be… in fact let's just make it a straight deal. I'll see you back here and on Facebook and Twitter in August. Thanks for reading and interacting.