Everything That's On My Mind (Almost)

1. I’ve been at Journey the Way in Wichita for three months. Time has flown. 2. Repentance is truly Brave. 3. Part of my job is to train leaders for the church. School starts September 8. 4. Have I mentioned that it’s hot in Wichita? 5. Abiding in Christ doesn’t mean sitting on my tail waiting for some feeling in my soul to tell me that everything is alright. 6. Abiding in Christ means being so confident in Jesus’ word that I will actively obey Him. 7. Routines are starting to form. Key word in that last sentence is “starting.” 8. My children are con-artists at everything. 9. I miss my friends. 10. India? 11. My writing style is consistently being transformed from paragraphs to lists. Exhibit A. 12. There is an unusual feeling of accomplishment after mowing the grass. I like that feeling. 13. In Kansas they call carbonated sugar beverages “pop.” I thought it was soda, or Coke. 14. Sparkle, our rabbit, has adjusted quickly. 15. Piper’s book on marriage is much better than Driscoll’s. 16. I have four more books on marriage to read before August 1. 17. The Avengers are back. 18. Writing has to become a more frequent exercise in my life. 19. My new chicken wing recipe is excellent! 20. Jesus is the one that has appointed us that we should go and bear fruit and that our fruit should abide. So we abide in Him.