Summer Reading: The Ascension

Reading on The Ascension

One of the networks that I'm connected with in ministry (and very happy to be a part of) is the Porterbrook Network. Based out of Sheffield, England the Porterbrook Network was formed in 2007 to provide training for everyday Christians in theological, relational and missional development. I have the privilege of leading the local Learning Site in Wichita known as Porterbrook Kansas. The essence of Porterbrook is to develop gospel-centered Christians who live on mission in community within the contexts they live. As a church-based theological training center we are passionate about training everyday Christians for missional engagement and leadership in the church. As the Porterbrook Network has developed over the last few years access several exciting relationships have been developed and are in formation currently. As one of my friends in Sheffield recently told me, "Porterbrook is having a moment."

Part of that moment is the development of a publishing relationship with Christian Focus publishers and a series of books with the WESTPorterbrook imprint. The first book in this series is from Tim Chester and Jonny Woodrow entitled The Ascension: Humanity in the Presence of God. Although I don't have a full-scale review for you of this book right now, I have enjoyed reading it so far and thinking about the implications of the Ascension for everyday life. To put it simply, the Ascension magnifies the glory of Christ and the impact of His ministry to me today.

Let me recommend that you pick up this book and add it to your summer reading list. It's a good read for a day at the beach, lake, or just wherever you might get an hour or so to rest, think and grow in your knowledge of Christ. You can pick up The Ascension: Humanity in the Presence of God from Westminster Bookstore for eight bucks. That's a pretty good deal for some solid and sound theological resources!